Gender-based Violence

Rape & domestic violence
GR&AP has done extensive work on the issues of rape and domestic violence, including research reports, training materials for service providers and a range of educational materials for the general public.
Vulnerable witnesses
Another issue which is particularly relevant to survivors of gender-based violence is the law which introduced special arrangements for testimony in court by vulnerable witnesses – which includes children, victims of sexual or domestic violence offences and other persons.
Publications on GBV in general
GR&AP has compiled recommendations on how to improve the operation of the Gender-Based Violence Investigation Units (formerly known as Woman and Child Protection Units).
GR&AP has also produced a circular on Domestic Violence and HIV (2013), which contains suggestions on how to respond to the linkages between domestic violence and the risk of HIV infection.
We have also published a factsheet on The Links between Corporal Punishment and Gender-Based Violence (2017).
Comics are available on Domestic violence, HIV and the cycle of violence and The links between HIV and GBV.
Other types of GBV
GR&AP has also put forward recommendations for law reform to address the problem of stalking. We are in the process of updating these recommendations to cover harassment more generally, including online harassment. An updated report will be completed during 2019.