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Extract from NAMLEX on Environment and Water

The extension of the LAC’s representation into more and more rural areas has gone hand in hand with its expansion into the area of land reform and development, through the Land, Environment and Development (LEAD) Project.

Uranium Mining and the Environment
With research and litigation into mining practices in Namibia, LEAD is also becoming a voice of awareness on the impact of uranium mining in Namibia.

Some of the activities to generate awareness about the topic included:

  • A presentation on the legal framework that guides mining and atomic energy regulations in Namibia at the Polytechnic of Namibia, upon the request of Earthlife Namibia and LARRI.
  • A radio interview on Radio 99 as part of a discussion on the impact of the so-called “Uranium Rush” on the central Namib Area.
  • A report that analyses the impact of mining on Namibia’s protected areas, with students of Stanford University.
  • A newspaper article on how the recent global economic crisis might impact on the “Uranium Rush” in Namibia. The article, written with Andrew Ardinger, a student from Stanford University, was published in Namibia, and LEAD hopes to publish it in the USA, Canada and Australia.

National Parks
LEAD regularly advocates on issues surrounding Namibia’s National Parks. The following LAC-related articles appeared in Namibia’s leading newspapers.

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