Namlex 31 October 2023 Update

Namlex 31 October 2023 Update

31 October 2023 – Namlex and annotated Statutes and Regulations

We are happy to announce a full update to our Index to Laws (NAMLEX) and annotated statutes and regulations.  All information is current up to 31 October 2023.

We also have published full searchable indexes of Pre-independence gazettes  as published by the official Government gazette  printers.  These are for historical research and not necessarily current any more.  Individual Pre-independence gazettes are published as available and many are already online.  We also have sourced a substantiable set of Hansards and will publish those as soon as possible.


1. NAMLEX: Index of Namibian law
NAMLEX is a list of the laws in force in Namibia, organized by topic, with brief descriptions of each law. In the case of laws inherited from South Africa, NAMLEX explains how they came to apply to Namibia and which South African amendments are in force in Namibia. The index also provides references to rules and regulations, appointments, court cases and commentary under each statute, and includes links to online versions of virtually all of the Gazettes cited. Newly added are the links to the annotated statutes.
Think of NAMLEX as the “Wikipedia” of Namibian law. NAMLEX was initiated by the late Adv Anton Lubowski in 1988, and continued by the LAC after his death.

2. NAMLEX APPENDIX: Index of international law
NAMLEX is supplemented by a separate document called the NAMLEX APPENDIX, which contains detailed entries for all multilateral international treaties that are binding on Namibia. Each entry includes a summary of the treaty, a link to the most authoritative text of the treaty available online, the date when the treaty became binding on Namibia, information about amendments and protocols, and other explanatory information. The NAMLEX APPENDIX is prepared and updated with assistance from the Ministry of International Relations and Cooperation and Parliament.

3. ANNOTATED LAWS: Statutes and regulations
The database of annotated laws was initiated by the Parliamentary Support Project in 2015 and has been maintained by LAC to date. This database includes all statutes and post-Independence regulations in force in Namibia, as amended. This enable users to view or download the current version of a statute in Word or PDF, and to access the regulations issued in terms of each statute.  Pre-independence regulations are currently added.

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