Archive 2012

Archive 2012

Ongwediva villagers stave off demolitions
27 February 2012: Ongwediva – UNDER threat of urgent legal action the Ongwediva Town Council has given an undertaking that it would not at this stage proceed with a plan to demolish homes and other buildings in three villages on the outskirts of the town.

Illegal Fencing remains a hot potato
14 March 2012: Minister of Lands and Resettlement Alpheus !Naruseb yesterday admitted that there is “some degree of inconsistency” in the manner illegal fencing in communal areas is dealt with, but denied that the ministry is incapable of dealing with the matter.

Land registration is law: !Naruseb
14 March 2012: The registration of not more than 20 hectares of communal land may not be popular, but it is a law, Lands Minister Alpheus !Naruseb said in Swakopmund on Monday during the inauguration of the fourth land boards for the Erongo, Otjozondjupa and Omaheke regions.

Access to Justice – Paralegal Manual
13 April 2012: Access to justice in Namibia is not only a basic fundamental right, but also a means to fighting poverty, empowering the poor and ensuring that poor and underprivileged communities have the ability to seek legal remedies to situations they face.

Namibia: Caught in the Debt trap
13 April 2012: Namibians continue to be caught in “a debt trap” as some banks continue to add costs to money owed to them, while the original debt is already sky high.

Namibia: Sex Remains a Taboo Subject
24 April 2012: Despite the sexual freedom afforded to some young people, sex remains a taboo subject and some parents still do not discuss sex with their children.

Helpline 116 open and free for Teens
25 April 2012: Windhoek – The ChildLine / Lifeline helpline phone number 116 continues to help young teens get the necessary advice and help they need when it comes to reporting cases of abuse.

Govt accused of discriminating against people with HIV-Aids
7 May 2012: Windhoek – The AIDS Law Unit of the Legal Assistance Centre (LAC) has expressed disappointment in Government for forcing medical tests on candidates who apply for Chinese scholarships.

In Namibia, Chinese Scholarships Require HIV Status
7 May 2012: Namibia – A human rights group says students applying for Chinese scholarships are required to reveal their HIV status on their applications. The AIDS Law Unit of the Legal Assistance Center says the requirement violates Namibia’s anti-discrimination laws.

Thousands sue for divorce
11 June 2012: Windhoek – One in every two victims of domestic violence receives a death threat from the abuser, according to a comprehensive survey carried out by the Legal Assistance Centre on people who applied for protection orders in Namibia.

Treason suspect wins claim over detention
12 June 2012: One of the men facing charges in the main Caprivi high treason trial has scored a small victory – but coupled with a bigger defeat – in his civil claim against the Minister of Safety and Security in connection with his arrest, detention and alleged assaults in Police custody.

Veterans Act is discriminatory: Moongo
15 June 2012: DTA Member of Parliament Philemon Moongo has approached the Legal Assistance Centre (LAC) to launch a court challenge to determine the constitutionality of the Veterans Act, which he argues is discriminatory in its definition of who a veteran is.

Land Reform should also focus on urban areas
26 June 2012: WINDHOEK – Previously disadvantaged Namibians are not only in need of agricultural farming land but also need land for housing, preferably in urban areas.

LAC enlisted over “lost” N$660 million
30 July 2012: WINDHOEK – The Public Servants Committee has roped in the services of the Legal Assistance Centre (LAC) to probe the Government Institution Pension Fund where more than N$660 million of public servants’ money was lost in dubious investments.

Increasing Agricultural Land Tax Causing More Harm Than Good?
2 November 2012: GOVERNMENT recently announced plans to increase commercial agricultural land tax as it looks for N$400 million in the next five years to buy more farms for its land reform programme.