Press Releases


28 February 2023: I refer to the recent statement made by the Minister of Justice, Ms Yvonne Dausab, as reported in a local newspaper, to the effect that the Legal Assistance Centre is no longer able to take on new legal matters.
The LAC confirms that at this point a lack of funding has given us no option but to curtail our activities, in particular in relation to litigation.
We welcome the Minister’s encouragement to Government to provide more funding for legal aid as well as the call for assistance from the legal profession. Pdf



20 April 2021:  The Legal Assistance Centre finds the High Court judgment in the Lühl case very disappointing and disturbing. The Court refused to order the government to issue travel documents to the children involved in the case on flimsy procedural grounds and in our view neglected its primary legal duty to safeguard the best interests of these children.  Read more or original pdf.


Law reform regarding abortion

30 June 2020:  The Legal Assistance Centre supports law reform which would expand freedom of choice in respect of abortion, in support of women’s reproductive, rights.  Read also in the Southern Times.

COVID-19 State of Emergency and Lockdown Measures
Call on Security Personnel

27 March 2020:  The Legal Assistance Centre herewith calls upon the Namibian Police, the National Defence Force, and any other persons and organizations mandated to ensure compliance with security measures, to act in accordance with the Police Act 19 of 1990, and the subsequent Regulations in terms thereof and the Defence Act 1 of 2002, when dealing with persons during the state of emergency and lockdown.
All police and security personnel are called upon to ensure no human rights violations occur, which have not been derogated in terms of the Constitution of Namibia.


Women dies in clinic
22 August 2019:  The story explains that a woman died at the Robert Mugabe State Clinic after waiting some 4 hours to be assisted, despite requesting on 3 occasions that she needed to see a nurse urgently. When the clinic closed its doors for lunch, she died.  Here our statement on  “Access to health”.

Press statement on unlawful NDF and police assaults
2019 April 29:  The Legal Assistance Centre notes with extreme concern the reporting in the Namibian of today’s date titled “Soldiers run amok.”
The LAC has received reports of the Namibian Defence Force and Namibian Police assaulting civilians and has a number of civil claims arising from these assaults.
For detailed information of the duties and rights of the police force please read the Police Force Act.

Appeal to restore peace and the rule of law in Zimbabwe post elections
2019 January 27:  We, the Namibian Civil Society Organizations under the auspices of Namibia Non-Governmental Organization Forum Trust hereby call upon Your Excellency to use your authority and power as SADC Chairman to intervene on the Zimbabwean deteriorating political situation without further delays.


On the occasion of signing of a funding agreement between Germany and the LAC
2018 August 22:  The Federal Republic of Germany, represented here by Ambassador Christian-Matthias Schlaga, should be commended for supporting the Legal Assistance Centre, in particular its Gender Department, to continue with the work it commenced with 25 years ago, namely the empowerment of our women and children.