LRDC Reports

Law Reform and Development Commission Reports

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Citation Title Date
NALRDC 43 Report on the Abolishment of the Common Law Offences of Sodomy and Unnatural Sexual Offences 2020-11
NALRDC 42 Report on the Repeal of Obsolete Laws 2020-10
NALRDC 41 **National Equitable Economic Empowerment Framework Project (unpublished) 2020-08
NALRDC 40 Report on the Mental Health Bill 2020-07
NALRDC 39 Report on Matrimonial Property Consequences of Certain Civil Law Marriages 2018-11
NALRDC 38 Report on Divorce 2018-11
NALRDC 37 *LRDC Number 37 skipped 2018-10
NALRDC 36 Report on the Road Safety Management Bill 2017-04
NALRDC 35 Discussion Paper on the Road Safety Management Bill 2017-04
NALRDC 34 Report on the Domestication of the United Nations Convention Against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman and Degrading Treatment or Punishment 2017-03
NALRDC 33 Discussion Paper on the Possible Statutory Interventions to Curb the Alarming Spate of Domestic Violence, Murder and Gender-Based Violence 2015-03
NALRDC 32 Discussion Paper on Issues relating to the Insolvency Act, 1936 2015-02
NALRDC 31 *Report on the Revision and Reform of the Namibian Electoral Framework 2014-04
NALRDC 30 Discussion Paper on the Transformation of the Polytechnic of Namibia into the Namibia University of Science and Technology 2014-03
NALRDC 29 Discussion Document on Consumer Protection 2014-03
NALRDC 28 Review of Administrative Justice in Namibia Concept Paper by Professor Hugh Corder 2014-03
NALRDC 27 Discussion Paper on Locus Standi 2014-03
NALRDC 26 Discussion Paper on GIPF Legal Framework 2013-02
NALRDC 25 Report on the Repeal of Obsolete Laws 2012-12
NALRDC 24 Working Paper on Issues related to the Criminal Procedure Act, 2004 and Statutory Time Limits 2012-12
NALRDC 23 Working Paper on Issues Related to Family Law in Namibia 2012-12
NALRDC 22 Working Paper on Issues Related to the Traditional Authorities in the Ovawambo Communities 2012-11
NALRDC 21 Urgent and Targeted Report on Fisheries 2012-11
NALRDC 20 Report on Succession and Estates 2012-07
NALRDC 19 Discussion Paper on the Electoral Law Reform Project 2012-07
NALRDC 18 Further Report on the Law Pertaining to Rape 2012-06
NALRDC 17 Report on Adjustment of Fines 2010-03
NALRDC 16 Report on Publications 2010-03
NALRDC 15 Report on Marital Property 2010-03
NALRDC 14 Report on Public Gatherings 2006-03
NALRDC 13 Report on Divorce 2004-11
NALRDC 12 Report on Customary Law Marriages 2004-10
NALRDC 11 Report on Uniform Consequences of Common Law Marriages: Repeal of Section 17(6) of Native Administration Proclamation, 1928 (Proclamation 15 of 1928) 2003-07
NALRDC 10 Report on Domestic Violence 2000-12
NALRDC 9 Domestic Violence Cases Reported to the Namibian Police – Case Characteristics and Police Response 1999-12
NALRDC 8 Violence against and Abuse of Women and Children Project: Verbatim Discussions held at the National Hearing 1997-05
NALRDC 7 Violence against and Abuse of Women and Children Project: Formal Addresses made at the National Hearing 1999-04
NALRDC 6 Report on Small Claims Court 1997-12
NALRDC 5 Report on Maintenance 1997-09
NALRDC 4 Report on the Law Pertaining to Rape 1997-07
NALRDC 3 Customary Law and the Constitution – A Background Discussion Paper 1996-10
NALRDC 2 The Ascertainment of Customary Law and the Methodological Aspects of Research into Customary Law: Proceedings of Workshop 1996-07
NALRDC 1 Aspects of Family Law: The Abolition of Marital Power and Equalization of Rights between Spouses 1994-10