Codes of Conduct

Collection of Codes of conduct

Title Year Link
Allied Health Professions Professional Conduct Rules 2007 Pdf
Basic Education Code of Conduct for Learners 2023 Pdf
Broadcasting Code for Broadcasting Licensees (2018 as amended) 2018 Pdf
Dental Profession Rules of Conduct (2001 as amended) 2001 Pdf
Election Agents & Counting Agents Code of Conduct 2015 Pdf
Environmental Assessment Professional Code of Conduct Pdf
Estate Agents Code of Conduct 1996 Pdf
Geoscience Professions Code of Professional Conduct 2017 Pdf
Health Professionals Ethical Guidelines (Health Professions Council of Namibia 2010 Pdf
High Court Guidelines for Delivery of Reserved Judgments Pdf
Industrial Actions and Picketing 2009 Pdf
Informal Economy Code of Conduct 2021 Pdf
Informal Economy Code of Conduct Operational Guidelines 2022 Pdf
Labour Conciliators and Arbitrators 2020 Pdf
Learners General Rules of Conduct (State Schools) 2023 Pdf
Legal Practitioners Professional Standards (2002 as amended through 2022) 2022 Pdf
Local Authority Councils Code of Conduct 2015 Pdf
Magistrates Code of Conduct 2010 Pdf
Media Code of Ethics and Conduct for Namibian Print, Broadcast & Online Media (Media Ombudsman) Pdf
Medical Profession Rules of Conduct (2002 as amended) 2002 Pdf
Namibia Institute of Architects Code of Conduct Pdf
Namibian Electricity Safety Code (ammended 2012 here) 2009 Pdf
National Assembly Code of Conduct Pdf
National Council Code of Conduct Pdf
Nursing Professions Rules on Misconduct 1999 Pdf
Patient Charter (MoHSS) 2016 Pdf
Pharmacy Profession Rules on Misconduct 1996 Pdf
Political Parties-Guidelines for the Conduct of Political Activity (1992, as revised in 2014) 2014 Pdf
Public Procurement Code of Good Practice on Preferences 2023 Pdf
Public Service Code of Conduct, Integrity and Ethics Pdf
Quantity Surveyors Code of Professional Conduct Pdf
Regional Councils Code of Conduct 2004 Pdf
Social Workers and Psychologists – Professional Conduct Rules 2023 Pdf
Statistics Code of Practice-Professional & Ethical Standards applicable to Statistics Producers (NSA) Pdf
Superior Courts Ethical Judicial Conduct in Namibia Pdf
Supreme Court Guidelines for Delivery of Reserved Judgments Pdf
Veterinarians Code of Ethical Conduct (Veterinarians Association of Namibia) Pdf
Voter Education and Accredited Election Observers Codes of Conduct 2009 Pdf

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