Title Author ed Publisher Place Year ISBN Topic
Law of agency (The) AJ Kerr 3rd Butterwoths Durban 1991 0-409-03727-3 x Agency
BEE service empowerment (3 vols) Wouter Scholtz and Chris van Wyk loose LexisNexis Durban 2013 0-409-01536-9 ISS 11 BEE Black empowerment
Law of cession (The) Susan Scott Juta Cape Town 1980 0-7021-1094-9 x Cession
Guide to the Close Corporations Act and regulations Walter Geach, T Schoeman loose Juta Cape Town 1986 ISS 1  x Close Corporations
Sakereg / deur C. G. van der Merwe. Durban : Butterworths, 1979. – VAN DER MERWE, C G Butterwoths Durban 1979 0-409-05920-X x Commercial
Henochsberg on the Companies Act 71 of 2008 Piet Delport loose LexisNexis Durban 2016 ISS 12 Companies Commercial
Company law service loose Butterwoths Durban 1990 0-409-01544 ISS 1 Companies Close corporations
South African Corporate Business administration DP Mahony loose Juta Cape Town 2014 978-0-7021-3326-8 ISS 22 Company administration Secretarial
South African Corporate Business administration (supplementary vol) CD enclosed loose Juta Cape Town 2011 978-0-7021-3326-8 ISS 2 Company administration
Close Corporations and companies service JJ Hennig loose LexisNexis Durban 2016 ISS 47 Company law Close corporations
Henochsberg on the Close Corporations Act (only vol. 3) PM Meskin, JA Kunst loose LexisNexis Durban 2015 ISS 29 Company law
Agreements in restraint of trade in South Africa John Saner loose LexisNexis Durban 2010 ISS 12 Competition Estates Franchises
Law and practice of conveyancing in South Africa (The) RJM Jones 2nd Juta Cape Town 1976 0-7021-0723-9 Conveyancing
Concise corporate and partnership law RC Williams 2nd LexisNexis Durban 1997 0-409-06392-4 Corporate law Partnerships
Quantum of damages in bodily and fatal injury cases (2,3,4 and 5) loose Juta Cape Town 2001 inconsistent Damages
Suid-Afrikaanse eiendomspraktyk en die reg (Die) HJ Delport loose Juta Kenwyn 1994 ISS 4 Eiendomspraktyk
Estate planning loose LexisNexis Durban 2005 ISS 19 Estate Planning
Law of hire-purchase in South Africa (The) MA Diemont 3rd Juta Cape Town 1964 Hire-purchase
Credit agreements and hire-purchase in South Africa (The) 5th Juta Cape Town 1982 0-7021-1250-x Hire-purchase Credit agreements
Landlord and tenant WE Cooper 2nd Juta Cape Town 1990 0-7021-3080-x Landlord
Law of South Africa (The) LAWSA various
Wille’s law of motgage and pledge in South Africa TJ Scott and Susan Scott 3rd Juta Cape Town 1987 0-7021-1896-6 Mortgages Bonds
Rents act in Soth Africa (The) REG Rosenow and MA Diemont 3rd Juta Cape Town 1965 Rent
Mackeurtan’s sale of goods in South Africa GRJ Hackwill 5th Juta Cape Town 1984 0-70-21-1413-8 Sale of goods
Suid-Afrikaanse erfreg (Die) NJ van der Merwe and CJ Rowland 3rd Van der Walt Pretoria 1977 0-7993-0298-8 Succession
Verrykingsaanspreeklikhei in die Suid-Afrikaanse reg Wouter de Vos 2de Juta Cape Town 1971

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