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TitleAuthorYearDepartmentPrice (N$)Language(s)
50/50 Options for Namibia0Gender0.00English
Aanneming2009Gender0.00Afrikaans / English
Aanspreek van gesagsbaseerde geweld deur gemeenskapsbemagtigingCoomer, Rachel2008Gender0.00Afrikaans / Oshiwambo / English / Otjiherero
Access to Affordable Treatment for HIV/AIDS: The Issues2002AIDS Law Unit0.00English
Access to Justice: amicus curiae participationHinson, Zoila and Hubbard, Dianne2012Gender0.00English
Access to Justice: costs and contingency feesHinson, Zoila and Hubbard, Dianne2012Gender0.00English
Access to Justice: public access to courtsHinson, Zoila and Hubbard, Dianne2012Gender0.00English
Access to Justice: standing to bring legal actionHinson, Zoila and Hubbard, Dianne2012Gender0.00English
Addressing gender-based violence through community empowermentCoomer, Rachel2008Gender0.00English / Afrikaans / Oshiwambo / Otjiherero
Adoption2009Gender0.00English / Afrikaans
Advocacy in action: a guide to influencing decision-making in Namibia2004Gender50.00English
Advocacy in action: a guide to influencing decision-making in NamibiaHubbard, Dianne, et al.2007Gender100.00English
Affirmative Action for Women in Local Government in Namibia: The 1998 Local Government ElectionsHubbard, Dianne1998Gender20.00English
Affirmative Action for Women in Local Government in Namibia: The 1998 Local Government Elections: SummaryHubbard, Dianne1998Gender0.00English
Afraid no moreLAC and Lifeline2012AIDS Law Unit0.00English / Afrikaans / Oshiwambo / Rukwangali
African Protocol on the Rights of women...Hubbard, Dianne2003Gender0.00English
Age of consentHubbard, Dianne1997Gender0.00English
Age of marriage and consent to marriage by a minorCoomer, Rachel2010Gender0.00English
Age of marriage and consent to marriage by a minorCoomer, Rachel2010Gender0.00English
Alcohol and youths: suggestions for law reformBarth, Kate and Hubbard, Dianne2009Gender20.00English
All you Need to Know about the Namibian HIV/AIDS Charter of Rights0AIDS Law Unit0.00English
Alternatives to corporal punishmentJoyce, Anne2010Gender0.00English
Ander maatreëls vir kinderbeskerming2009Gender0.00Afrikaans / English
Apartheid laws on marriage: sorting out the problemAgnew, Leigh-Anne2008Gender0.00English
Assault and murder in our homes daily: violence on Namibian Television2000Gender0.00English
Baby-dumping and infanticideHubbard, Dianne, et al.2008Gender20.00English
Bail in cases of rape and domestic violenceHubbard, Dianne and De Smet, Allison2010Gender0.00English / Otjiherero / Afrikaans / Oshiwambo
Basic facts about corporal punishment2010Gender0.00English / Afrikaans / Oshiwambo
Basic facts about gender and the labour law2010Gender0.00English
Basic facts about the rights of Domestic Workers2010Gender0.00English
Basic facts on combating of Domestic Violence2010Gender0.00English
Basic facts on registering a birth: Fact sheet2011Gender0.00English
Basic facts on the Combating of Domestic Violence Act2008Gender0.00English / Otjiherero
Basic facts on the Combating of Rape Act2010Gender0.00English
Basic facts on the Combating of Rape Act: Fact Sheet2008Gender0.00English / Otjiherero / Afrikaans
Basic facts on the Maintenance Act2008Gender0.00English / Otjiherero / Afrikaans / Oshiwambo
Basic facts on the Maintenance Act (1 page)2010Gender0.00English
Basic facts on the Married Persons Equality act2008Gender0.00English / Oshiwambo / Afrikaans / Otjiherero
Basiese feite oor die wet op die bekamping van verkragting: Feiteblad2008Gender0.00Afrikaans / Otjiherero / English
Basiese feite oor lyfstraf2010Gender0.00Afrikaans / English / Oshiwambo
Belangrike feite oor die onderhoudswet2008Gender0.00Afrikaans / Oshiwambo / Otjiherero / English
Belangrike feite oor die wet op die bekamping van huishoudelike geweld 2008Gender0.00Afrikaans / Otjiherero
Belangrike feite oor die wet op die gelyke behandeling van getroude persone2008Gender0.00Afrikaans / English / Oshiwambo / Otjiherero
Beliefs and attitudes toward Gender Sexuality and TraditionsLaFont, Suzanne2010Gender50.00English
Borgtog in gevalle van verkragting en huishoudelike geweldHubbard, Dianne and De Smet, Allison2010Gender0.00Afrikaans / Otjiherero / English / Oshiwambo
Born in Etosha: homage to the cultural heritage of the Hai omDieckmann, Ute2009Lead90.00English
Born in Etosha: Living and learning in the wildDieckmann, Ute2012Other90.00English
Can a child claim maintenance?2010Gender0.00English
Can I claim maintenance if the father of my chid is not working?2010Gender0.00English
Caring for the care providersNanaso2012AIDS Law Unit0.00English
Case against mandatory HIV testing of rapists1997Gender0.00English
Celebrating 20 years of progress towards gender equalityHubbard, Dianne2010Gender0.00English
Child Trafficking2009Gender0.00English / Afrikaans
Child welfare Advisory Council2009Gender0.00English / Afrikaans
Children in need of protection2009Gender0.00English / Afrikaans
Children's Courts2009Gender0.00English / Afrikaans
Children's Ombudsman2009Gender0.00English / Afrikaans
Children's Status Bill: as read the first time0Gender0.00English
Children's Status Bill: Does public opinion matter?2006Gender0.00English
Combating of Domestic violence bill: why we need it now2002Gender0.00English
Comic: Alternatives to corporal punishmentJoyce, Anne2010Gender0.00English
Comic: Alternatives to corporal punishment 2Joyce, Anne2010Gender0.00English
Comic: Bail in rape casesHassan, Laila2010Gender0.00English / Afrikaans / Oshiwambo
Comic: Borgtog in gevalle van verkragtingHassan, Laila2010Gender0.00Afrikaans / English / Oshiwambo
Comic: Care Providers: know your rightsALU2012AIDS Law Unit0.00English
Comic: Child labourCoomer, Rachel2010Gender0.00English / Afrikaans
Comic: Civil and Customary marriageWood, Thom2010Gender0.00English
Comic: Ehumithokomeho negameno lyoosikolaBeninger, Christina2011Gender0.00Oshiwambo / Afrikaans / English
Comic: Eifutilomo miipotha yekwatonkongaHassan, Laila2010Gender0.00Oshiwambo / English / Afrikaans
Comic: Ekwatonkonga MondjokanaCoomer, Rachel2010Gender0.00Oshiwambo / English / Afrikaans
Comic: Ekwatonkonga: Oto kuthitha mo oshipothashekwatonkongaCoomer, Rachel2010Gender0.00Oshiwambo / Afrikaans / English
Comic: Gedragskodes kan ons skole veiliger maakBeninger, Christina2011Gender0.00Afrikaans / Oshiwambo / English
Comic: Hoe om 'n beskermingsbevel te verkryQuigley, Maureen2010Gender0.00Afrikaans / English
Comic: Hoe om die geboorte van jou kind te registreerBeninger, Christina2011Gender0.00Afrikaans / Oshiwambo / English
Comic: Hoe om kindermishandeling uit te kenEngelbrecht, Yolande2011Gender0.00Afrikaans / English / Oshiwambo
Comic: How to claim child maintenanceCoomer, Rachel2008Gender0.00English
Comic: How to get a protection orderQuigley, Maureen2010Gender0.00English / Afrikaans
Comic: How to register the birth of your childBeninger, Christina2011Gender0.00English / Afrikaans / Oshiwambo
Comic: Identifying situations of child abuseEngelbrecht, Yolande2011Gender0.00English / Afrikaans / Oshiwambo
Comic: If you really loved me: the problem of date rapeCorbett, Kelsey and Jones, Nathan2011Gender0.00English
Comic: KinderarbeidCoomer, Rachel2011Gender0.00Afrikaans / English
Comic: Maak voorsiening vir jou geliefdes na jou doodCoomer, Rachel2011Gender0.00Afrikaans / English / Oshiwambo
Comic: Nkene wu na okunyolitha evalo lyokamoyeBeninger, Christina2011Gender0.00Oshiwambo / Afrikaans / English
Comic: Okudhimbulula oonkalo Dhomahepeko GuunonaEngelbrecht, Yolande2011Gender0.00Oshiwambo / Afrikaans / English
Comic: Okulongekidhila aantu mboka wu hole ya mone sha ngele wa SiCoomer, Rachel2011Gender0.00Oshiwambo / English / Afrikaans
Comic: Preventing underage drinkingHassan, Laila2010Gender0.00English / Afrikaans
Comic: Promoting safer schools through the School Codes of ConductBeninger, Christina2011Gender0.00English / Oshiwambo / Afrikaans
Comic: Providing for the people you love after you dieCoomer, Rachel2011Gender0.00English / Afrikaans / Oshiwambo
Comic: Rape in MarriageCoomer, Rachel2010Gender0.00English / Afrikaans / Oshiwambo
Comic: Rape: Should you withdraw a rape caseJoyce, Anne2010Gender0.00English / Oshiwambo / Afrikaans
Comic: Seksuele teistering by die werkJoyce, Anne2010Gender0.00Afrikaans / English
Comic: Sexual harassment in the workplaceJoyce, Anne2010Gender0.00English / Afrikaans
Comic: Shoka wu na okuninga ngele ito vulu okufutaHinson, Zoila0Gender0.00Oshiwambo / English / Afrikaans
Comic: Uuna omuntu gwontumbaCoomer, Rachel2010Gender0.00Oshiwambo / English
Comic: Verkragting binne die huwelikCoomer, Rachel2010Gender0.00Afrikaans / English / Oshiwambo
Comic: Verkragting: Moet jy terugtrek?Joyce, Anne2010Gender0.00Afrikaans / Oshiwambo / English
Comic: Voorkom drankgebruik deur JeugdigesHassan, Leila2010Gender0.00Afrikaans / English
Comic: Wat beteken geslagsgelykheid binne 'n verhouding?Joyce, Anne2010Gender0.00Afrikaans / English
Comic: Wat om te doen as iemand ophou onderhoud te betaalCoomer, Rachel2010Gender0.00Afrikaans / English
Comic: Wat om te doen as jy nie skoolontwikkelingsfonds kan bekostig nieHinson, Zoila2011Gender0.00Afrikaans / Oshiwambo / English
Comic: What are your options...when pregnantCoomer, Rachel2010Gender0.00English
Comic: What does gender equality mean in a relationship?Joyce, Anne2010Gender0.00English / Afrikaans
Comic: What to do if someone stops paying maintenanceCoomer, Rachel2010Gender0.00English / Oshiwambo / Afrikaans
Comic: What to do if you can't pay the School Development Fund contributionHinson, Zoila2011Gender0.00English / Oshiwambo / Afrikaans
Confiscation of Compensation? An analysis of the Namibian Commercial Agricultural Land Reform Process Odendaal, Willem2005Lead0.00English
Consent to medical treatment, contraceptives and testing2009Gender0.00English / Afrikaans
Constitutional perspective on women's property and inheritance rights within Namibia's legislative frameworkOvis, Mercedes2008Gender0.00English
Consultative Workshop, Perceptions on Land Reform2007Lead30.00English
Contract of employment for Domestic Workers2010Gender0.00English
Contribution orders2009Gender0.00English
Corporal punishment2009Gender0.00English
Corporal punishment: National and International perspectivesHubbard, Dianne, et al.2010Gender100.00English
Corruption: General principles1998Gender0.00English
Criminal Law relating to corruption1998Other0.00English
Customary Laws on Inheritance in Namibia: Issues and questions for consideration in developing new legislationOvis, Mercedes and Gordon, Robert J2005Gender0.00English
Customary marriages: Recommendations2005Gender0.00English
Death penalty is not the answerHubbard, Dianne2005Gender0.00English
Death penalty: a violation of basic Human RightsBurnett, Mathew2005Gender0.00English
Definiesie van 'n "Kind"2009Gender0.00Afrikaans / English
Definition of a "Child"2009Gender0.00English / Afrikaans
Determination of the Feasibility of Conducting an Assessment of the Impact of Farm Worker Evictions on Farm Work Livelihoods in NamibiaOdendaal, W. & Tjiramba, S.2006Lead30.00English
Difficulty of striking a balance in the law on rape: sexism, stereotypes and some examples from other countriesHubbard, Dianne1996Gender0.00English
Divorce law reform: a summary of the LRDC proposals2005Gender0.00English
Doelwitte en riglyne van die Kindersorg- en Beskermingswet2009Gender0.00Afrikaans / English
Does love know any boundaries? Your questions answered on marriage and the lawOvis, Mercedes2004Gender0.00English
Domestic Violence and maintenance: two big problems and two new lawsHubbard, Dianne2003Gender0.00English
Domestic Violence Courts in Canada: a special solutionHubbard, Dianne2000Gender0.00English
Domestic violence in NamibiaHubbard, Dianne1998Gender0.00English
Domestic Violence: how society can helpHubbard, Dianne1998Gender0.00English
Domestic Violence: Proposals for Law Reform2000Gender0.00English
Domestic Violence: proposals for law reformHubbard, Dianne1998Gender0.00English
Draft Child Care and Protection Bill2009Gender0.00English
Draft Child Care and Protection Bill: summary2009Gender0.00English
Draft Child Care: Issues for public debate: 12009Gender0.00English
Draft Child Care: Issues for public debate: 22009Gender0.00English
Ekuthithomo lyoshipotha shekwatonkongaCoomer, Rachel2009Gender0.00Oshiwambo / English / Afrikaans
Elite land grabbing in Namibian communal areas and its impact on subsistence farmers’ livelihoodsOdendaal, Willem2011Lead0.00English
Engaging in Engaging Research Hubbard, Dianne1996Gender0.00English
Enkondopeo LyaakwashigwanaCoomer, Rachel2008Gender0.00Oshiwambo / Afrikaans / English
Epupa DebateHubbard, D.1998Lead0.00English
Equality in an unequal worldHubbard, Dianne1997Gender0.00English
Faithfulness, adultery and the lawHubbard, Dianne2003Gender0.00English
Family Affair: the status of cohabitation in Namibia - summaryHubbard, Dianne2010Gender50.00English
Family Affair: the status of cohabitation in Namibia: full reportHubbard, Dianne2010Gender100.00English
Farewell to women's solidarityRimmer, Anne2004Gender0.00English
Fascilities which care for children2009Gender0.00English / Afrikaans
Finding the Tools of Torture: The Use of Anton Piller Orders Hancox, Toni0Huricon0.00English
Foster care2009Gender0.00English / Afrikaans
Gender and International Human Rights lawHubbard, Dianne, et al.2005Gender50.00English
Gender and Law Reform in NamibiaHubbard, Dianne1999Gender0.00English
Gender and law reform in NamibiaHubbard, Dianne1999Gender0.00English
Gender and law reform in Namibia: an overviewHubbard, Dianne2007Gender0.00English
Gender and law reform in Namibia: the first ten yearsHubbard, Dianne2000Gender0.00English
Gender and the Labour Act 11 of 20072009Gender0.00English / Afrikaans / Oshiwambo
Gender and the law: radio show scriptsCoomer, Rachel2008Gender0.00English
Gender and the law: the work of GR&AP2008Gender0.00English
Gender Perspective on the Status of the San in Southern AfricaFelton, S. & Becker, H.2001Lead0.00English
Geslag en die Arbeidswet 11 van 2007Hubbard, Dianne and Coomer, Rachel2009Gender0.00Afrikaans / English / Oshiwambo
Gids oor die wet op die Gelyke Behandeling van Getroude personeHubbard, Dianne2009Gender0.00Afrikaans / English
God stopped making land: Land rights, conflict and law in Namibia's Caprivi regionHarring, Sidney and Odendaal, Willem2012Lead50.00English
Guide to the combating of Domestic Violence Act 4 of 2003Hubbard, Dianne 2007Gender0.00English
Guide to the Communal Land Reform Act of 2002, 2nd ed.LAC and NNFU2009Lead50.00English
Guide to the Communal Land Reform Act, Act 5 of 2002Malan, J.2003Lead50.00English
Guide to the Maintenance Act 9 of 2003Hubbard, Dianne2007Gender0.00English
Guide to the Married Persons Equality ActHubbard, Dianne2009Gender0.00English / Afrikaans
Guidelines for promoting child participation2009Gender0.00English
Guidelines for service providers on the Combating of Rape ActHubbard, Dianne2005Gender0.00English
Guidelines for service providers on the Combating of Rape Act of NamibiaHubbard, Dianne and Wilson, Wendy2005Gender0.00English
Guidelines for service providers on the Domestic Violence ActHubbard, Dianne2005Gender0.00English
Halternish: Hā׀aro ra ׀gaugu ╪naus soas !nâ2010Gender0.00Nama
Handleiding vir 'n verkragting-slagoffer oor getuienislewering in die hofHubbard, Dianne and DeSmet, Allison2010Gender0.00Afrikaans / Oshiwambo / Otjiherero / English
Harassment and stalkingWood, Thom and Hubbard, Dianne2010Gender0.00English
Help wanted: sex workers in Katutura, NamibiaLaFont, Suzanne2008Gender20.00English
HIV and the workplace0AIDS Law Unit0.00English
HIV Charter of Rights (simplified guide)2000AIDS Law Unit0.00English
HIV/AIDS and The Law2009AIDS Law Unit0.00English
Hoe om die geboorte van 'n kind te registreerBeninger, Christina2011Gender0.00Afrikaans / English / Rukwangali / Oshiwambo
Hoe om jou kind se van te veranderBeninger, Christina2011Gender0.00Afrikaans / English / Oshiwambo / Rukwangali
How laws are made (5.8MB)0Huricon0.00English
How to change your child's surnameBeninger, Christina2011Gender0.00English / Afrikaans / Oshiwambo / Rukwangali
How to Claim Child Maintenance2010Gender0.00English
How to claim Maintenance during pregnancy2010Gender0.00English
How to create a non-profit groupHubbard, Dianne and Stubbs, Rebecca2008Gender0.00English
How to get a Protection Order: animated videoAdeleye, Mike-Steve2012Gender50.00English
How to register the birth of a childBeninger, Christina2011Gender0.00English / Afrikaans / Oshiwambo / Rukwangali
Human Rights for all 1988-2008 (10MB)2008LAC - General0.00English
I just want to have a good life': OVC and human rights in five regions of Namibia2008AIDS Law Unit0.00English
Ideas from our neighbours on children born out of wedlock2004Gender0.00English
Iinima ya Simana Moveta Yokukeelele Omahepeka-thano Gomomagumbo2008Gender0.00Oshiwambo / Otjiherero
Iinima ya Simana Moveta Yokukeelele Omahepeka-thano Gomomagumbo: Iinima Yomoshifo2008Gender0.00Oshiwambo / Otjiherero
Iinima Ya Simana Moveta Yoondjokana Dhuuthikepamwe2008Gender0.00Oshiwambo / English / Afrikaans / Otjiherero
Iinima Yopetameko Kombinga Yegeelo Lyopaluto2010Gender0.00Oshiwambo / English / Afrikaans
Indigenous Peoples and Climate Change in Africa: Report on case studies of Namibia's Topnaar and Hai!!om communitiesDieckmann, Ute et al.2013Lead50.00English
Inheritance issues: information and feedback from community consultations on inheritance law reformsHubbard, Dianne, et al.2005Gender0.00English
Ino tila valiLAC and Lifeline2012AIDS Law Unit0.00Oshiwambo / English
International human rights law and violence against womenHubbard, Dianne2001Gender0.00English
Is there an Absolute Right to Private Ownership of Commercial Land in Namibia?Narib, G.2003Lead0.00English
Ken jou regte: Marteling2003Huricon0.00Afrikaans / English
Kessl: A New Jurisprudence for Land Reform in Namibia (no stock)Harring, S. & Odendaal, W.2008Lead50.00English
Key Constitutional Cases 1999-20000Huricon0.00English
Key Gender Laws: A Training Manual for Community ActivistsHubbard, Dianne, et al.2008Gender0.00English
Kinderhowe2009Gender0.00Afrikaans / English
Kinderombudsman2009Gender0.00Afrikaans / English
Kinderontvoering2009Gender0.00Afrikaans / English
Kinders met behoefte aan beskerming2009Gender0.00Afrikaans / English
Kindersorgeenhede2009Gender0.00Afrikaans / English
Kinderwelsynadviesraad2009Gender0.00Afrikaans / English
Know your constitutionLAC reprint2012Huricon0.00English
Know your rights: Torture2003Huricon0.00English / Afrikaans
Labour Act in practice: Act 6 of 1992NID1998Huricon0.00English
Labour law: an overview of the relvant provisions of the Labour Act 11 of 2007Law Society of Namibia2011Other0.00English
Law, race and gender: moving towards equality in marriage and inheritanceHubbard, Dianne2003Gender0.00English
Legal Assistance Centre Annual Report for 20052006LAC - General0.00English
Legal Assistance Centre Annual Report for 20062007LAC - General0.00English
Legal Assistance Centre Annual Report for 20072008LAC - General0.00English
Legal Assistance Centre Annual Report for 20082009LAC - General0.00English
Legal Assistance Centre Annual Report for 20092010LAC - General0.00English
Legal Assistance Centre: annual report LAC2011LAC - General0.00English
Legal representation2009Gender0.00English
Legislation and Policies Affecting Community-Based Natural Resources Management in NamibiaCorbett, A. & Daniels, C.1996Lead0.00English
Livelihoods after Land Reform: Part aWerner, Wolfgang and Odendaal, Willem2010Lead130.00English / English
Livelihoods after Land Reform: Part bWerner, Wolfgang and Odendaal, Willem2010Lead0.00English / English
Livelihoods after Land Reform: Policy brief 1Werner, Wolfgang and Odendaal, Willem2010Lead0.00English / English
Livelihoods after Land Reform: Policy brief 2Werner, Wolfgang and Odendaal, Willem2010Lead0.00English / English
Living and Working Conditions of Domestic Workers in Namibia1996Gender0.00English
Maintenance matters: an assessment of the operation of Namibia's Maintenance Act 9 of 2003Coomer, Rachel2013Gender100.00English
Making rape in marriage illegal1999Gender0.00English
Making the Labour Bill more Gender-sensitiveHubbard, Dianne and Coomer, Rachel2004Gender0.00English
Manual for training community survivor supportersMinistry of Health and Social Services2007Gender0.00English
Marital property in civil and customary marriagesHubbard, Dianne, et al.2005Gender0.00English
Marital property regimes and the Native Administration ProclamationAgnew, Leigh-Anne2001Gender0.00English
Marital property regimes and the Native Administration Proclamation, SummaryAgnew, Leigh-Anne2001Gender0.00English
Mbi U Sokutjita Tji wa TjerwaHubbard, Dianne and De Smet, Allison2010Gender0.00Otjiherero / Afrikaans / Oshiwambo / English
Meanings of inheritance: perspectives on Namibian inheritance practicesHubbard, Dianne, et al.2005Gender100.00English
Men against violence against Women MovementOdendaal, Willem0Gender0.00English
Mining vs the Environment: Does Namibia need another mine?Carpenter, S.2005Lead0.00English
Morality and the law: the abortion questionHubbard, Dianne1997Gender0.00English
Mother to Child Transmission: Questions and AnswersCupido, Delme2002AIDS Law Unit0.00English
Namibia and CEDAWHubbard, Dianne1998Gender0.00English
Namibia Domestic Violence and Sexual Abuse service directoryHubbard, Dianne2005Gender0.00English
Namibia's black gold: charcoal production, practices and implicationsDieckmann, Ute and Muduva, Theodor2010Lead120.00English
Namibia, land of the free: Police and public gatheringsHubbard, Dianne2003Gender0.00English
Namibia: Access to justice paralegal manualNPA2012Huricon0.00English
Namibian HIV/Aids charter of rightsreprinted2014AIDS Law Unit0.00English
Namibian men against violence against women: report on the National Conference in WindhoekCaplan, Perri2000Gender0.00English
Namibian Police Human Rights ManualLight, Clinton2000Huricon0.00English
Namibian's speak out against domestic violenceNID2004Gender0.00English
Nasionale Kinderbeskermingsregister2009Gender0.00Afrikaans / English
National Child Protection Register2009Gender0.00English / Afrikaans
New law on inheritance: a new law that doesn't change muchOvis, Mercedes2006Gender0.00English
New law reform proposals on divorceHubbard, Dianne2005Gender0.00English
New Maintenance Act: making our Maintenance Courts more effectiveHubbard, Dianne2002Gender0.00English
Ngapi omu no sinta edina lyapampo lyamunogeBeninger, Christina, et.al2011Gender0.00Rukwangali / Oshiwambo / English / Afrikaans
Ngapi omu no tjangesa ehampuruku lyomunonaBeninger, Christina2011Gender0.00Rukwangali / English / Afrikaans / Oshiwambo
Nie meer bang nieLAC and Lifeline2012AIDS Law Unit0.00Afrikaans / English
Nkene Omulopoti Gwoshipotha Shekwatonkonga e na oku kala Ombangi MohofaHubbard, Dianne and De Smet, Allison2010Gender0.00Oshiwambo / Otjiherero / Afrikaans
Nkene to lundulula ofani yokamoyeBeninger, Christina, et.al2011Gender0.00Oshiwambo / English / Afrikaans / Rukwangali
Nkene to nyolitha evalo lyokanonaBeninger, Christina2011Gender0.00Oshiwambo / English / Afrikaans / Rukwangali
No peace in the marriage’: Inheritance Disputes and Law Reform PossibilitiesOvis, Mercedes2005Gender0.00English
No Resettlement Available: An assessment of the expropriation principle and its impact on land reform in NamibiaHarring, S. & Odendaal, W.2007Lead30.00English
Not coming up dry: regulating the use of Namibia's scarce water resources by mining operationsStanford Law School2009Lead30.00English
Now more than Ever2007Other0.00English
Objectives and guiding principles of the Child Care and Protection Act2009Gender0.00English / Afrikaans
Oboloha Miipotha Yekwatonkonga Nomahepeko GomomagumboHubbard, Dianne and De Smet, Allison2010Gender0.00Oshiwambo / Otjiherero / English / Afrikaans
Okambo Komondjatu: Oveta Yomarwisiro Worutjero2008Gender0.00Otjiherero / Oshiwambo / English / Afrikaans
Okawilikombo: Koveta Yosapota Onti 9 Yomumwo 20032008Gender0.00Oshiwambo / English
Okawilikombo: Oveta Yokukeelela Omahepekathano MomagumboHubbard, Dianne2008Gender0.00Oshiwambo / English
Okawilikombo: Oveta Yokungambeka Ekwato Onkonga2008Gender0.00Oshiwambo / Otjiherero
Okawilikombo: Oveta Yuuthikepamwe Waanandjokana2008Gender0.00Oshiwambo / English
Okawilikombo:Oveta Yuuthikepamwe WaanandjokanaHubbard, Dianne, et al.0Gender0.00Oshiwambo / English
Okuisakisa Otjiposa TjorutjeroCoomer, Rachel2009Gender0.00Otjiherero / English / Afrikaans
Okutuna otjitandi tjovakazenduCoomer, Rachel2008Gender0.00Otjiherero / English / Afrikaans
Omawuyelele Genasha Noveta Yosapota Onti 9 Yomumvo 20032008Gender0.00Oshiwambo / Afrikaans / Otjiherero / English
Omayandjero Womuhunga Komunandjemeno Yorutjero Ohunga Nouhatoi MotjombanguriroHubbard, Dianne and De Smet, Allison2010Gender0.00Otjiherero / English / Oshiwambo / Afrikaans
Ombeira Motjito Tjorutjero Notjitandi TjopozongandaHubbard, Dianne and De Smet, Allison2010Gender0.00Otjiherero / English / Oshiwambo / Afrikaans
One day we will all be equal: A Socio-Legal Perspective on the Namibian Land Reform and Resettlement ProcessOdendaal, Willem and Harring, S0Lead20.00English
Oorsig oor die voorgestelde Kindersorg- en BeskermingswetCoomer, Rachel2009Gender0.00Afrikaans / English
Organising men against violence against womenHubbard, Dianne2000Gender0.00English
Other child protection measures2009Gender0.00English / Afrikaans
Ouerskapplanne2009Gender0.00Afrikaans / English
Our Land They TookHarring, S. & Odendaal, W.2006Lead40.00English
Our Land We FarmOdendaal, W.2005Lead20.00English
Overview of the proposed Child Care and Protection ActCoomer, Rachel2009Gender0.00English / Afrikaans
Parenting plans2009Gender0.00English / Afrikaans
Place We Want to Call our OwnOdendaal, W.2005Lead120.00English
Pleegsorg2009Gender0.00Afrikaans / English
Pocket guide: Married Person's equality Act2008Gender0.00English / Oshiwambo / Oshiwambo
Pocket guide: the Combating of Domestic Violence ActHassan, Leila2008Gender0.00English / Oshiwambo
Pocket guide: the Combating of Rape Act2008Gender0.00English / Afrikaans / Otjiherero
Pocket guide: the Maintenance Act 9 of 20032008Gender0.00English / Oshiwambo
Police Training manual: (summary) Unicef, LAC1997Huricon0.00English
Police Training Manual: a course guide for trainersUnicef, LAC1997Huricon0.00English
Preventing underage drinking2008Gender0.00English
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