Legal Assistance Centre-Namibia
Legal Assistance Centre


The LAC works in the following areas:

AIDS Law Unit (ALU)
Promoting a human rights based response to HIV/AIDS in Namibia, the AIDS Law Unit focuses on both the infringement of civil and political rights on the basis of HIV status and the denial of socio-economic rights.

Gender, Research & Advocacy Project (GR&AP)
The Gender Research & Advocacy Project seeks to promote gender equality and the empowerment of women through legal research, law reform and related advocacy work.

Social Justice Project (SJP)
This is primarily the Litigating unit for the LAC. Since Huricon has become merged with the AIDS law Unit we have decided to give it a new name hence Social Justices Project.
Our mission being to make the law accessible to those with the least access there to and to interpret human rights as including socio-economic rights. .

Land, Environment & Development (LEAD) Project
The LEAD Project's aim is to address the needs of the rural poor by cooperating with government and NGOs through research, training, law reform, litigation and lobbying.

Namibian Law Report
The Law Report contains important judgments given by Namibia’s Labour Court, High Court and Supreme Court.

An index of laws in Namibia. The most recent update is to 30 June 2010, but an update will be available soon.

Current Law Reform Initiatives
School Policy on Learner Pregnancy in Namibia

Current Litigation Matters
Caprivi Torture Claims
Forced Sterilization of
HIV-positive women
Water rights for farmers in mining area

Current Human Rights Education Initiatives
HIV in the Workplace

Current Research Topics
Rape Withdrawals

As Quoted
The Legal Assistance Centre
is a pivitoal force in Namibia's nascent civil society and
fragile democracy, and during its two decades of existence,
it has contributed greatly to
the maintenance of human rights and the rule of law in
this country."
Gwen Lister, Editor
The Namibian Newspaper

Contact Information
Legal Assistance Centre
4 Marien Ngouabi Street
Windhoek, Namibia
tel: +264-61-223-356
fax: +264-61-234-953