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The extension of the LAC's representation into more and more rural areas has gone hand in hand with its expansion into the area of land reform and development, through the Land, Environment and Development (LEAD) Project.

The LEAD Project was launched in 1997 in recognition of the fact that many future human rights issues in Namibia are likely to involve decisions about and competition over the ownership and development of land and other natural resources.

The LEAD Project is often called upon to advise communities on land and environmental rights, developmental options in tourism and communal land initiatives such as communal area conservancies.

The LEAD Project's primary aim is to address the needs of the rural poor by cooperating with government and NGOs working in the relevant field.

LEAD's Key Areas of Work:
· Research, lobbying
and law reform.

· Legal training on laws relating to land & environmental issues for farmers, small-scale enterprises and NGOs.

· Providing educational material to support training.

· Extending advice, mediation and litigation services on land, environment and development issues to rural communities.

Contact Information
Willem Ondendaal
Project Coordinator
Legal Assistance Centre
4 Korner Street
Windhoek, Namibia
tel: +264-61-223-356
fax: +264-61-234-953