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Land Work
We all live on it. But who decides where people live?
LEAD works with various stakeholders involved in land. The project provides:

  • Training to Communal Land Boards
  • Research into the Land Reform & Redistribution Process

Training to Communal Land Boards
LEAD helped implement courses for Communal Land Boards to “implement sustainable development and environmentally sound decision-making principles” when allocating communal land rights. LEAD has also been involved in a training course to provide Communal Land Boards with improved conflict management skills.

Together with other stakeholders all of Namibia´s 12 communal land boards received regular training.

Learn more about the Communal Land Reform Act in this Guide.

Research into the Land Reform & Redistribution Process
The Namibia Government has greatly valued LEAD's expertise in the land reform programme, and the impact of LEAD studies on land reform has been extensive. With years of close observation of the land reform process, LEAD has authored several reports on land reform, land redistribution and land expropriation.

The following LAC produced publications are based on land reform in Namibia: