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The Social Justice Project(SJP) of the Legal Assistance Centre is the main litigation vehicle of the organisation. Unlike the other units, which focus on specified human rights issues, Huricon is willing to engage in test case litigation in relation to any human rights issue or rights protected by the Namibian Constitution.

For example the right to dignity, privacy, personal liberty, equality and freedom from discrimination, fair trial, family, property, political activity, administrative justice, culture, education and fundamental freedoms.

It must be stressed that, in general, only test case litigation will be attended to since there is little public interest in taking matters to court which have already been ventilated and in which legal principles have already be established and are being followed.

The ultimate objective is to create a culture of human rights in Namibia where all human rights are respected by all persons and institutions. In so doing, Huricon hopes to assist in maintaining and developing democracy and democratic institutions in Namibia, upholding the rule of law and contributing to good governance.

Human Rights in Namibia
According to a 2008 report by the international human rights watchdog, Amnesty Int'l, Namibia faces the following human rights issues:

· Caprivi Treason Trial
· Torture and Other
· Violence Against
Girls & Women
· Freedom of Expression
Under Attack

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