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Using Radio as a Tool for Education
Radio is one of best means of communication in Namibia. With dozens of stations in various languages across the country, it reaches far more homes than TV, internet or telephone. In total,

  • 84.5%* of the population either owns or has access to a radio.

This compares to:

  • 66.8% of the population who own or have access to a phone
  • 39.4% of the population who own or have access to a TV
  • 8.4% of the population who own or have access to the Internet.

To effectively educate as Namibians as possible about various human rights issues, radio is increasingly being used as the LAC's prefered medium to get the message out.

*Statistics from: Namibia Planing Commission, Central Bureau of Statistics. A Review of Poverty and Inequality in Namibia. 2008.

Show topics:
25 May 2009: Voices of the Future: HIV Testing
Going for an HIV test isn't easy, but it's important. Namibia's current law says a person can go for an HIV test by themself at 16. Should the age be lowered for today's youth?

11 May 2009: The Debate: Accessing Contraceptives
A draft law suggests that Namibian youth should be able to access contraceptives at the age of 14. Is this appropriate? We asked young people for their thoughts.

27 April 2009: The Age of Majority
A new government act designed to better protect Namibian children is proposing to bring of the Age of Majority from 21 to 18. We hear from three youth with differing opinions on this proposal.

13 April 2009: Child Maintenance Grants
Government provides a monthly grant for Namibia's orphans and vulnerable children. This show highlights the need, how one can apply and some of the issues around receiving the grant.

06 April 2009: Gender Equality Starts at Home

The term gender equality is loaded with negative connotations. Find out how gender equality actually works in relationships and what you can do if you are in a relationship where equality isn't respected.

Your Rights, Right Now
In conjunction with our community radio partner, BASE fm 106.2, the LAC produces a weekly broadcast highlighting various human rights issues in Namibia.

Radio in Rural Communities
For the San people in Tsumkwe, an LAC-sponsored radio is providing an education in Namibian laws and the Constitution. For some, it's the first time they're learning about their human rights.

Podcasts (mp3s):
Gender Equality Starts
At Home (runs 16:53)

Child Maintenance Grants
(runs 27:30)

The Age of Majority
(runs 20:38)

The Debate: Accessing Contraceptives - What is an Appropriate Age?

Voices of the Future:
Consenting to HIV Testing

This Project is discontinued