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The Show Isn't Over, Until...Returns to the Stage

08 June 2009: With an election around the corner, “The Show Isn’t Over, Until..10 Years On” returns to the stage with a fresh new insight into Namibian politics.

Legal Assistance Centre, the National Theatre of Namibia (NTN) and Home Brewed Production are proud to present a free, one-time only performance of “The Show Isn’t Over, Until..” on June 17 on the NTN stage.

This political satire was an instant hit when it took the stage in 1998. Noted as “probably the best play ever written in and about Namibia,” the issues of democracy, political intolerance and fair elections in this updated version of the play are still relevant today, if not more, than they were ten years ago.

Ten years ago, then 29 years old playwright and director Vickson Hangula was suddenly propelled into instant fame and notoriety when he wrote a political satire on the plight of the then demonstrating former freedom fighters.

In the play, a group of former fighters in the armed wing of a political party have turned up to be employed at one of the companies started specifically for them. However, the head of the company has other ideas about how he would make his selections. It is during the interviews and selection process as depicted in the play that the thorny issues of sexual harassment, nepotism and other examples of abuse of power as happened during that period, come to light.

As fate would have it, the time that this play was being written also saw another interesting development taking place on Namibia’s political stage. It was the birth of what was then considered a serious challenge to the governing party’s political dominance in the political arena. This was the arrival of the new party, heralded the beginning of political intolerance and character assassination in an independent Namibia.

And now, ten years later, history repeats itself. Another group of former top leaders have broken away to form an opposition political party. Ordinary Namibians are also once more bracing themselves for another heated political showdown, with tempers likely to flare in homes, neighbourhoods and villages.

The updated play, now titled “The Show Isn’t Over, Until… 10 Years On”, has been revised to include current developments like the advent of a new party on the political arena, the jobs for comrades issue, the different cliques and loyalties, etc.

“The Show Isn’t Over Until..10 Years On,” is written and directed by Vickson Hangula. It stars David Ndjavera, Steven Afrikaner, Anna Louw, Christine Gabriël and Vickson Hangula.

People can get free tickets by visiting the NTN box office, located at 12 John Meinert Street, tel: 23-4633. The director and cast members are available for interview.

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