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LAC Investigating Barriers to Education

10 August 2009: In the Namibian Constitution, the right to free primary education is quantified as a right to all Namibians. Sadly, many children who are school going age never attend or drop out before they reach the age of 16.

The Human Rights and Constitutional Unit (HURICON) of the Legal Assistance Centre is currently conducting research into barriers that either force Namibian children to drop out of school or never enrol. This research will help the LAC develop a strategy to better inform people of their rights and how to overcome the barriers that block their child’s education.

The Legal Assistance Centre welcomes the opportunity to provide more information on barriers to education to your media outlet. The Legal Assistance Centre would be able to provide meaningful information that affects a wide number of Namibians and discuss some of the key issues central to this topic.

Available for interview is:

Mark Nonkes
Communication Consultant
Legal Assistance Centre, Windhoek
ph: 061-223-356
email: mnonkes@lac.org.na

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