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Legal Assistance Trust has a new Chairperson

21 Feb 2011: The Legal Assistance Trust, which is the governing body behind the Legal Assistance Centre (LAC), appointed a new chairperson last week.  Clement Daniels previously served as the director of the LAC from 2000 until May 2004. He was then immediately appointed as Trustee to the Board of the Legal Assistance Trust in May 2004. Mr Daniels joined the organization in 1988 as a paralegal and in 1991 temporarily left the LAC to complete his post-graduate studies at the University of the Western Cape. He returned to the LAC in 1993 for his articles and was admitted as a legal practitioner in 1996. He focused primarily on human rights and labour cases while practicing at the LAC.

After Mr Daniels stepped down as the director of the LAC, he opened his own law firm specializing in labour law. Thereafter he was appointed as a temporary Magistrate for two years, which he served mostly at the District Labour Court in Windhoek. In 2008 Mr Daniels joined the newly established Namibian Standards Institution as legal advisor and company secretary.
Mr Daniels returned to the area of law he enjoys the most earlier this year and is now a labour law consultant, mediator and arbitrator. Mr Daniels is also currently the Media Ombudsman. 
The vacancy on the Trust was due to the recent resignation from the Board of Trustees of Judge Dave Smuts, who was the founding Director of the Legal Assistance Centre from 1988 until 1992, when he stepped down to practice full time as an advocate at the Windhoek Bar until his appointment to the bench in late 2010.
Mr Daniels thanked the trustees for their faith in him and promised to do his utmost to ensure that the LAC continued to promote and protect human rights with the ultimate aim of creating a human rights based democracy in Namibia.  The trustees and entire staff of the Legal Assistance Centre extend their sincere congratulations to Mr Daniels in his new role!

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