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2002 - 2003

LAC Newsletter Issue #7 - February 2002 [PDF]

  • Lead story: Ombudswoman: human rights should be a national priority
  • In short: Volunteers awarded; human rights training; public prosecutors briefed ect.
  • Study on San’s status in southern Africa paints grim picture
  • Broadening access to justice
  • Ensuring a human rights based approach to HIV/AIDS
  • Problems caused by still existing apartheid law regulating marriages
  • Recent court cases: Norman Engelbrecht, Ellen Louw, Ras Sheehama, SA Constitutional court, Caprivi detainees, Kxoe case
  • Namibia Paralegal Association established
  • Free elections in Zimbabwe not likely
  • Personal opinion on HIV/AIDS gender perspectives in Namibia
  • New scholarship fund established for needy law students
  • Winners of ‘Together-Against Torture’ competition announced
  • Universal Declaration of Human Rights in crisis?
  • 2001 Namlex update now available

LAC Newsletter Issue #8 - May 2002 [PDF]

  • Lead story: Peace in Angola means social-economic justice in Namibia!
  • “One day we will all be equal…”
  • In short: Legal Aid clinic at Unam; Legal Shield’s donations; AusAID supports disability rights, etc.
  • Recent court cases: Right of ‘illegitimate’ children to inherit, Prostitution charges challenged, Intervention on behalf of deportee, etc.
  • Prime Minister urges Namibian to write their wills
  • Problems caused by still existing apartheid law regulating marriages
  • Obituary: Zen-Asser Mnakapa
  • More effective maintenance courts expected due to new Maintenance Act
  • Internship strengthens cooperation between LAC and Namibia Farmworkers Union
  • The fuss about the Prosecutor-General
  • LAC spearheads mental health and criminal justice reform
  • Affordable treatment for all people living with HIV and AIDS
  • Human Rights Watch has evidence of serious war crimes by Israel
  • Africa’s development challenges

LAC Newsletter Issue #9 - August 2002 [PDF]

  • Lead story: Daughter frees mother from slavery
  • In short: voter education; AIDS conference in Barcelona; Aliens Act unconstitutional, etc.
  • Recent court cases: Caprivi detainees, unlawful arrests by home Affairs, deadly force in arresting suspects, etc.
  • Critical look at Legal Practitioners Amendment Bill
  • Essays on constitutionalism and the administration of justice in Namibia
  • The International Criminal Court (ICC) examined
  • Report on network’s activities for conflict prevention in sub-region
  • The issues around access to affordable treatment for HIV/AIDS
  • Juveniles in conflict with the law on a journey to survival
  • LAC intensifies efforts to empower people with disabilities
  • Communal Land Reform Act finally on the table
  • Step-children: whose responsibility, how should the law govern?
  • Critical look at IMF, World Bank

LAC Newsletter Issue #10 - December 2002 [PDF]

  • Lead story: ‘Namibians want fair and effective justice’
  • In short: human rights crisis; Mary Robinson wins prize; demand access to anti-retrovirals; new protocol to prevent torture etc.
  • Development in legal profession: Law Society launches trust fund, Law Association and Law Society elect new leadership
  • Guide for juvenile justice workers launched
  • Recent Court cases: battled of the Purros villagers, LAC intervenes in deportation case, Prison warders pay for assaults on prisoners
  • Report and film on commercial sex work launched
  • Questions and answers on Mother to Child Transmission on HIV
  • Why we need the Combating of Domestic Violence Bill now!
  • Workshop on facilitation skills etc. for juvenile justice workers
  • How should the NBC be governed?
  • Ownership of commercial land
  • Outcomes of World Summit on Sustainable Development
  • Comments on Legal Practitioners Bill
  • Comments on Legal Practitioners Bill

LAC Newsletter Issue #11 - March 2003 [PDF]

  • Lead Story: Treat the people now!
  • In Short: Legal Shield donation; staff matters; Human Rights Day celebrated; judge arrested in Zim.
  • Recent court cases: Detainee released; “Slave woman’ sues king; Richtersveld case a watershed; Legal Parishioners Act challenged, etc.
  • Workshop held on human rights treaties, how states report on them and civil society’s watchdog role
  • Latest US human rights record cause for serious concern
  • Namibia: Land of the free?: A look at the furore over public gatherings
  • HIV + people are denied some of the basic human rights
  • How did we do in 2002 re: the gender score card?
  • ARASA: birth of AIDS and rights alliance for southern Africa
  • Open letter doubts African Union’s political will to end human rights violence on continent
  • The drive to privatise – lesions from other African countries

LAC Newsletter Issue #12 - June 2003 [PDF]

  • Lead story: No Fourth Term for Nujoma
  • In Short: LAC turns 15; Human Righst Project for the San; Voters Education Project starts; Child Justice Bill coming up; UN slams double standards of donor aid; Legal Shield give scholarships; Rudolf & Tenu leave the LAC
  • The new Magistrate’s Bill: What it will regulate
  • Voting times are coming up … our constitutional foundations
  • War crimes in a new world order
  • The case of the Richtersveld community versus Alexkor
  • African Protocol on Rights of Women takes one step forward
  • UN Rights Body in serious decline

LAC Newsletter Issue #13 - November 2003 [PDF]

  • Lead story: Pressure for a more equitable society!
  • In short: Clement stays on a while; Nobel Peace Price to Iranian woman; Labout Institute’s booklets helpful; LAC film for sale
  • Recent court cases: Decision on married foreigners’ residency; Acting PG is constitutional; The question to ask a husband/wife before sex
  • Anti-Corruption Act: will it change anything?
  • Child Justice developments
  • Water… can become one of the greatest reason for conflict in near future
  • Out right to legal representation and legal aid
  • Basic Income Grant: An option for Namibia?
  • Respecting our elders: first national conference on older people
  • What does ‘Life Imprisonment’ really mean?
  • Understanding Democracy: the power of political ideas
  • Richtersveld case sounds alarm in Botswana
  • Giving the world a more human face

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