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2000 - 2001

LAC Newsletter Issue #1 - May 2000 [PDF]

  • Lead Story: Legal Assistance Centre phases out its advice offices
  • What is the Legal Assistance Centre? Management and Coordinators
  • New AIDS Law Director: AIDS Law Unit lives up to challenges
  • International Visitors: Carol Bellamy (UNICEF), Beatrice Ambags (Netherlands Ambassador to Namibia), Kari Karenko (Finland Ambassador to Namibia)
  • Men’s Conference to end violence against women
  • Citizenship is a human right
  • Police manual on human rights welcomed
  • Crime and punishment of children: An overview of the LAC’s Juvenile Justice Project
  • Communal Land Reform Bill fails rural women
  • The role of the trainee legal practitioners in the legal field
  • Parliament passes Rape Bill

LAC Newsletter Issue #2 - August 2000 [PDF]

  • Lead Story: Haindongo’s victory makes legal history
  • First local observance of UN’s International Day against Torture a huge success
  • LAC defends torture victims
  • Refugees have rights in Namibia
  • Survey tests employers’ awareness of HIV/AIDS Code for the workplace
  • Report recommends modernization of our divorce law
  • New paralegal training starts
  • Essay competition invites young men’s views on ending violence against women
  • Update on men’s moment to combat violence against women
  • Durban’s AIDS conference: Is proper medication finally coming to Africa?
  • New Legal Practitioner at LAC
  • Statement from the Strategic Human Rights Lawyering Conference
  • Now Available: Booklet on medical issues for rape survivors
  • 2000 NAMLEX Update
  • Gender and Land Survey

LAC Newsletter Issue #3 - December 2000 [PDF]

  • Lead Story: LAC’s Human Rights Manual to be used in Sierra Leone
  • Beyond 2000: LAC will continue with its mission
  • HIV Charter of Rights: To be launched on World AIDS Day – Dec. 1
  • We’re in for a major shock: HIV AIDS
  • We bade farewell to Clinton and Johann: Staff departures
  • Appointment of Toni Hancox to HURICON
  • Gender and Land Survey update
  • Delme’s internship at the LRC: LAC sends Delme Cupico on 2 month internship
  • Ruusa attends Trail Advocacy Seminar in Botswana
  • Seminar on Political Parties and Elections
  • Workshop and public discussion on date violence
  • Human Rights Day Celebrations
  • Essay competition winners receive prices
  • Free at last!: The Story of Titus Amakali
  • Breaking the chains: Inmate wins claim
  • Court Rejects Government view of the state of emergency in Caprivi
  • HIV/AIDS employment Survey: full results and recommendations released
  • Community Paralegal Volunteers have key role in justice system
  • Domestic Violence: drawing on South African experiences
  • LAC Contributes to: International 10-point plan for juvenile justice
  • Children in conflict with the law
  • Homophobia and the rights of gays and lesbians
  • The changing face of administrative justice: Immigration Selection Board a case in point
  • NGO-Week: Towards a Partnership for Social Development and Empowerment

LAC Newsletter Issue #4 - December 2001 (currently unavailble)

  • Lead story: Hands off the judiciary!
  • Juvenile Justice Program: Ensure that all children are treated according to international guidelines, the Namibian constitution and Namibian laws
  • Crime Education: prevention through education
  • In short: New staff members at the LAC
  • Art therapy: workshops inspire counsellors
  • Recent court decisions: Sikunda’s Case; Home Affairs Minister Jerry Ekandjo in contempt of court; Poverty no excuse for crime, says judge; Discrimination laws about inheritance rights challenged; Herero and Himba leaders demand recognition; Blow to gay rights; Access to justice based on economic status?
  • Update on community paralegal training project
  • Gender equality in family law: Conference on Marriage, Divorce, Inheritance and Property Rights under Customary Law
  • LAC – UNAM Cooperation
  • Advocacy workshop for people living with HIV/AIDS
  • Press Statements: Amnesty International responds to verbal attacks on gays and lesbians; Legal Assistance Centre condemns homophobia; UN calls for joint efforts to fight TB – World TB Day held on 24 March
  • Piece of Mind: The austerity of tabulated legalism: a comment on the recent decision in Chair person of the Immigration Selection Board v E E Frank and Another
  • Piece of mind: Government commitment to rule of law in jeopardy
  • Piece of mind: Q & A

LAC Newsletter Issue #5 - August 2001 [PDF]

  • Lead story: Harassment of Kxoe community in West Caprivi continues
  • Observing UN international Day Against Torture – June 26
  • Abraham Gariseb remember the story of Aukeigas
  • Human rights training for NDF
  • In short: Financial boost, 13th anniversary, new staff, farewells ect.
  • Proclamation 15 of 1928 still causes hardships & Update on community paralegal training
  • Course on UN Convention on Rights of the Child attended in Sweden
  • Namibians march for human rights
  • Education on walls: murals on domestic violence
  • UN’s Special Session on HIV/AIDS & the LAC’s presentation there
  • Namibia still to ratify International Criminal Court Statute
  • Constitutional protection of sexual orientation
  • World conference on racism coming up in South Africa
  • Our duty to claim child maintenance
  • Essay competition: topic: torture

LAC Newsletter Issue #6 - October 2001 [PDF]

  • Lead story: Love and Respect: LAC’s nationwide campaign against domestic violence.
  • Legal victory for press freedom
  • In Short: New NANGOF director;  interns; HIV center; prisons rapporteur ect.
  • What have we learned from the World Conference Against Racism?
  • Breaking the silence on the Slave Trade
  • ‘Baboons’ at the workplace
  • Recent court decisions: Chains cases settled; Prisoners win damages claims etc.
  • Bringing people with disabilities on board with paralegal training
  • Juvenile Justice Project expands pre-trial diversion options with modern rites of passage
  • Civil society Conference on Land Reform coming up
  • The world revisits its commitment to children with global campaign: UN Convention on the Rights of the Child
  • The Battle for the minds of our boys
  • How serious is child labour in Namibia?
  • Toni at Oxford
  • Essay competition on HIV/AIDS

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