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January 2014

Toddler killed in police cells
27 January 2014: A woman, who allegedly grabbed a toddler by the feet, and slammed his head twice against a cell floor, has been causing havoc in the Wanaheda police holding cells.

Ombudsman, LAC probe toddler’s death
28 January 2014: THE Office of the Ombudsman and the Legal Assistance Centre (LAC) have launched a high-powered probe into the death of a four-year-old toddler in the Wanaheda police holding cells on Thursday.

Toddler killed over tea
29 January 2014: A FIGHT over tea between Kaarina Mateus (29) and another inmate, Loise Kaambu (33), in a police holding cell at Wanaheda led to the tragic death of Fortuna Tenete (4) on Thursday.

February 2014

March 2014

Court order protects land right
5 March 2014: A MARIENTAL resident has obtained a High Court order to stop the Witbooi Traditional Authority from cancelling a customary land right that the Hardap Communal Land Board registered in his name in December 2012.

Proposed research law to be challenged
17 March 2014: THE Legal Assistance Centre (LAC) intends to take government to court over a proposed research regulation of the Ministry of Education, which it considers unconstitutional.

LAC and EU launch Access to Justice Project
19 March 2014: “I want to urge every legal practitioner in the country to devote one day to offer their services pro-bono to those that can otherwise not afford legal aid to defend their basic human rights,” said the vice president of the Law Society of Namibia, Dee Sauls.

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