Wildlife Comic Contest

A Call for All NEEN member schools and Namibian UNESCO ASP.net Schools to Enter into a Comic Writing Competition

The LAC is inviting all 485 NEEN member schools and all 27 UNESCO ASP Net Schools countrywide to participate in a comic writing competition.

The LAC has in the past contributed to the creation of environmental education materials relevant to our Namibian situation.

We are convinced that urgent action is needed to address the dramatic interrelated challenges the world is facing. In particular, these challenges are the climate crisis, massive loss of biodiversity, pollution, pandemic diseases, extreme poverty and inequalities, violent conflicts, and other environmental, social and economic crises that endanger life on our planet.

Our urgent action requires transformative learning.  Transformative learning for people and the planet is a necessity for our survival and that of future generations.

In the past decade crimes against wildlife and the environment have increased considerably in Namibia. The poaching of our beloved animals, harvesting of protected plants, and illegal logging of our forests are all on the rise. These crimes rob us of our shared natural resources; they are committed against all Namibians.

Our future depends on a healthy environment which is inseparable from the preservation and conservation of our biodiversity.

Help us create public awareness and speak up against these criminal activities that threaten our shared future!

How can you do this?

Create your own comic telling the story of a Wildlife Crime (and related crimes) and showing how it could have been prevented alternatively, what the consequences are.

The story can be inspired by your own experience or derived from your imagination. Just show us that you understand the issue and know how to prevent these crimes!

What must you do?

Present your story in the form of a comic and send it to us before 30 September 2022. Use your imagination and creativity! The comic will be used to inform people across the country on this important issue.

Your comic could focus on any of the following issues:

  • wildlife conservation,
  • prevention of wildlife crime,
  • the legal, social, environmental impacts of wildlife crime,
  • illegal harvesting of timber and/or plants,
  • sustainable management of our natural resources,
  • development which ensures local communities benefit.

Terms and conditions here

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Comics from TOSCO

Marine life   Pdf
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With permission from TOSCO and Alice Colson

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