Access to Housing and Property


Litigation is being conducted in relation to the discriminatory practice of property grabbing. The focus is on customary practices that are discriminatory towards women and minor children. Although the SJP does not concern itself with the distribution of deceased estates, it does provide legal assistance to families affected by unconstitutional practices during inheritance. Over the past five years the SJP has assisted over twenty clients with property and inheritance matters. There are currently five ongoing matters involving property and inheritance.


Over the years SJP has assisted various women and children with legal advice on property disputes. In most cases, women and children are dispossessed of their immovable property because of divorce, or death of their parents.  A number of matters have been litigated, and judgement passed in favour of the clients. In general reports of property grabbing cases to the LAC have decreased but we still get many complaints regarding inheritance. Since the law is set on this aspect, we simply advise clients and sometimes liaise with the office of the Master of the High Court and in the end clients get the desired results.