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The following nine cases are some that the LAC is currently pursing.

Lotta Frans v Inke Paschke and Three Others
This case involves the common law provisions which exclude children born out of wedlock from inheriting intestate from their fathers. Lotta’s father died in 1991 and his estate was finalised in 1993, with his sister inheriting everything (two farms and lots of cash). The father was not married, but he had two children, Lotta and Hendison.

When Lotta and his brother consulted the LAC in January 2005, Hendison’s case already prescribed by then – him being an adult then. Lotta only was only 21 then and turned 22 later in the year. Summons was issued for his share of the estate (as if the common law did not exist) and for a declaratory that the common law be declared unconstitutional (the Children’s Status Act ultimately dealt with that provision).

Rights to be asserted:
Right to equality
Right to dignity
Right to property
Children’s rights to be cared for by both their parents

Hafeni Shooya v City of Windhoek
Hafeni is a young man who everyday would stand, along with others, next to the traffic lights in the city looking for a day-job for some income. The City Police then descended on them, wanting to arrest the group. All the men then ran away in all sort of directions. There was a previous occasion when some of them were arrested for not standing at the right spot designated by the City Council.

The police then pursued some of the fleeing men and cornered the client. One police officer then shot him in the leg. His femur was shattered to the extent that the doctors amputated his right leg.

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Rights to be asserted:
Right to dignity
Right to liberty
Right to life
Right to equality
Right to fair trial

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