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2018 AdvocacyThis is a summary of all of the materials published before in 3 languages.English
Oshiwambo .

2018 AdvocacyA series of six on
"How laws are made", Common Law,
Statute Law, Customary
and International Law.
2018 Rule of LawIn a series of 8 we explain
Government structures, branches, watchdogs, elections and how new laws are made.
2018 Rule of LawA series of six on
"How laws are made", Common Law,
Statute Law, Customary
and International Law.


2017 Annual ReportPresenting our Annual report 2017. It list our work and activities, new publications, donors and much more.

Comic on Poaching

With the current rise of poaching incidents this comic aids to protect our heritage...

Leasehold for small-scale farmers - summary

Under the National Resettlement Programme the State purchases freehold commercial farms ...


Mental health mattersAn illustrative comic about recognising and responding to mental health needs in Namibia.


Equal opportunitiesDespite the constitutional provision that all people are equal in Namibia,this is often not the case.



26 June is the International Day in Support of Torture victims
The UN Voluntary Fund for Victims of Torture stands in solidarity with survivors of torture and their famlies....
Further readings on their website here.

Our ProBono series has yet another edition.This time on "Independent Candidates" as recent articles in the press may have created some confusion about the law in Namibia. This article will outline the provisions in the Namibian Constitution and the Electoral Act.

2019 May 16
SUPREME COURT JUSTICE DAVE SMUTS has been elected as a member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences
read in the Namibian
We would like to congratulate our founding director (1988-1992) and prevoius Trustee of the Legal Assistance Centre on receiving this great honour.

2019 April 29

The Legal Assistance Centre notes with extreme concern the reporting in the Namibian of today’s date titled “Soldiers run amok.”
The LAC has received reports of the Namibian Defence Force and Namibian Police assaulting civilians and has a number of civil claims arising from these assaults.
For detailed information of the duties and rights of the police force please read the Police Force Act.

WORLD RADIO DAY was on 13 February and the Theme is "Dialogue, Tolerance and Peace.

The Legal Assistance Centre wishes to express its condolences to the family, friends and Global Fund colleagues of the late Sarah Mwilima, who died tragically in Windhoek earlier this week.
Sarah was instrumental in providing technical assistance and good advice to NGO’s working in the health field and became a friend to many of us.
She will be missed.
Rest in peace, Sarah.

We, the Namibian Civil Society Organizations under the auspices of Namibia Non-Governmental Organization Forum Trust hereby call upon Your Excellency to use your authority and power as SADC Chairman to intervene on the Zimbabwean deteriorating political situation without further delays.

When the Legal Assistance Center commissioned Andrew Botelle from MaMoKoBo Video & Research to produce a film with the aim of sensitizing teenagers to the issue of poaching in rural Namibia, Schott and his co-writer Girley Jazama took up the opportunity to tell this story from the inside out; through the eyes of an innocent but toughened-by-life girl.

“Through this storytelling device the aim is to reach an audience worldwide and for audiences to understand some of the underlying social issues in rural Namibia that can lead to poaching”

Auditions are currently under way at Macedonia Parish in Katutura. For further information email or The Namibian

The Index to Namibian Laws - NAMLEX - has been updated to 7 December 2018.
It is also downloadable as a whole document in Pdf.

On 1 December, the Legal Assistance Centre (LAC) and Sister Namibia participated in the 16 Days of Activism by organizing a training on Gender Based Violence for women and girls in Osire Refugee Settlement (Namibia).

Same rights as freehold land apply
In a landmark ruling, the Namibian Supreme Court has granted a woman in Zambezi legal ownership of her land under customary
New Era
Full Judgment

2nd LAND CONFERENCE - 28 September 2018

The Legal Assistance Centre is aware of reports that a number of civil society organisations and other movements have opted to boycott the above Land Conference. We respect and understand their positions.
After lengthy discussion we have opted to take part in the Conference. We hasten to say that we have serious concerns about the composition of delegates invited to the Conference which we believe is particularly weighted in favour of government. However, this is also an opportunity for dialogue and for us to argue a perspective based on the law and on evidence we have collected from the grassroots communities we deal with on a daily basis. This perspective may not come to light to the delegates in any other manner.
We place on the record that the LAC’s attendance should not be used to legitimize the process but should be seen as an opportunity for us to raise reasoned legal and constitutional issues as well as factual information gleaned from our extensive engagement with concerns of access to land.
As the spokesperson from Right to Know (R2K) said at a breakfast meeting hosted by the Action Coalition and the Namibia Media Trust this morning:

“There is a space for civil society outside the room and a space for civil society inside the room.”

We aim to be both.

Press release: The Legal Assistance Centre held a training workshop on WILDLIFE CRIME for 16 local/regional prosecutors, magistrates, MET park wardens and investigators from Nampol. The training was held in Divundu, Kavango East Region, facilitated by the LAC, Advocate Daniel Small, two project officers from TRAFFIC Wildlife Trade Monitoring Network and a private investigator.
In the media: AZ, Nampa, Lela

Sharing information on Women’s and Children’s Rights: German Government supports Legal Assistance Centre

On 22 August 2018, German Ambassador Christian Schlaga and Toni Hancox, Director of the Legal Assistance Centre (LAC), signed a funding agreement on LAC’s project “Sharing information on Women’s and Children’s Rights”. The German Government supports this human rights project with 683.000,00 Namibian Dollar.
LAC Press release and Photo
New Era "Star of the Week"


We were celebrating our 30th anniversary during the first week of July 2018. Human rights is our business and we encourage debate and education. Several debates took place at two symposiums while we also had an OPEN OFFICE DAY together with distribution of educational material about human rights issues.
See also the article in the Namibian Sun

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We, the Legal Assistance Centre, being a public interest law centre, collectively strive to make the law accessible to those with the least access, through education, law reform, research, litigation, legal advice, representation and lobbying, with the ultimate aim of creating and maintaining a human rights culture in Namibia.
Annotated Statutes and regulations

Updated to 31 March 2019
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Annotated Regulations

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Namlex 2019 Update

Updated to 31 March 2019 -uploaded


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Commencement of Child Care and Protection Act
, and
Regulations as well as Court Proceedings

Act 1 of 2019
Public Enterprises Governance

Act 23:
Seeds and Seed varietiesGaming and Entertainment Control
Act 22:
Administration of Estates Amendment
Act 21:
Repeal of Obsolete Laws
Act 20:
International Co-operation in Criminal Matters Amendment
Act 19:
Extradition Amensment
Act 18:
Public Service Amendment
Act 17:
National Symbols
Act 16:
Namibia Deposit Guarantee
Act 15:
Appropriation Amendment
Act 14: Criminal Procedure Repeal
Public Private Partnership

Safety for Children

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